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What James does

James works holistically. This means that he looks at every client as a whole. This means that the mind, body and spirit is all considered with every treatment. He offers advice to improve health because the treatment should not end as soon as the session is over. He works with the client to help improve their health and well being.


James Woodward works at

The Tranquility Space

166 Mortimer Street

Herne Bay




Monday 1pm-6pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

Wednseday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-6pm (until October)

Saturday 9am-4pm (until October)

In 2004 he became interested in shamanism an ancient spiritual and healing practice.


Through his journey of discovery he found reiki that developed his spiritual path through reiki and hands on healing. James now teaches reiki and founded the Southeast Kent Reiki Hands on Healing School. He has a YouTube channel with reiki clips.


In 2008 he qualified as a holistic therapist at Canterbury College. The course included Swedish massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.

James is studied  traditional Chinese

acupuncture at City College London of Acupuncture. He is member of British Acupuncture Council.

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